Foundation Repairs – How Important Are They?

Foundation Repairs - How Important Are They?

Foundation repair can set your heart- and your budget- quaking. It can be tempting, when presented with an unexpected bill, to put it off or ignore it- so how important are foundation repairs in Houston?

It’s probably not the answer you were hoping for, but the real answer is ‘very’. So important, in fact, that checking for necessary foundation repair on a new house should be one of your priorities when buying. It doesn’t matter what the curb appeal of the house, or it’s potential, or the way it fits into your dream. If the foundation has errors, you need to be either committed to spending the extra money to do the repairs, or you need to pass it by.

Why is foundation repair in Houston so important?

It’s not something you ever really think of, but the foundation of your house is vital. Soil shift and moisture can all cause foundation issues, issues we often don’t realize are even there. Fortunately, they’re often easy to spot, too. You may be spotting bricks or other housing material that has shifted or separated. It can occur both inside and out, and is a classic sign of a disturbed foundation.

Alternatively, you may be seeing cracks in the walls. While there’s several things that can cause cracking that don’t relate to the foundation, the foundation should always be your number one suspicion, especially if you notice misaligned doors as well.

What else indicates that I need foundation repair?

Of course, there’s a lot of more serious signs that you need Houston foundation repair, too. If there’s breaks in the plumbing or obvious warping in the house frame, you can usually bet it comes down to the foundations. Early warning signs might be ‘sticky’ doors and windows, a floor that’s noticeably unleveled, gapping in cabinets or cabinet doors that either won’t open or won’t shut easily, and of course the cracks we mentioned earlier.

What will happen if I don’t fix the foundation?

If the budget is tight, it can be tempting to ignore these early warning signs, but it’s a foolish move. You may even get lucky and find that the damage is cosmetic only- your load capacity in the foundation may not be badly affected, or perhaps not even affected at all. One of the best ways to start is to order an independent review from a foundation specialist, who will at least be able to fill you in on how bad the problem is and what you mayneed to fix it. There are some simple repairs that can be done that will save you the expensive of the more dramatic fixes. Even if the news is fairly bad, however, you are very much better off tackling the repair- or at the very least beginning to save towards doing so- as a dangerous foundation can very literally make a house unlivable. You’re risking [at best] the collapse of the affected wall, and at worst the collapse of the entire building.

While dealing with foundation repair is never fun, it’s a vital task.

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