Do It Yourself Foundation Repair – Is It Possible?

Do It Yourself Foundation Repair - Is It Possible?

DIY and foundation repair are not concepts that instantly seem to gel. All the same, when presented with a bill to restore the structural integrity of your foundations, you’re bound to be tempted to do the classic old sit-com plot thing, and insist to your bewildered husband or wife that you’re going to do it all yourself. The real question is- can you? Read more about the basics of foundation at

Is foundation repair ever a DIY job?

There are some scenarios in which you have a few DIY solutions open. That’s some and a few, though, and it depends on certain factors. The most notable is how the house is built- if you’re on a crawlspace and have sinking towards the center, you may be able to DIY the job. If you’ve got a slab, or if the sinking is under the supporting walls of the building, you need professional help.

Why? I’m good at DIY?

Many people who are good at DIY may already be refusing to believe that there are situations that don’t lend themselves to home tinkering. SO here’s the plain answer- if you’re on a slab, you’re on concrete, and the tools and expertise that will be needed will be immense. You will be taking too much risk. Sagging joints in a crawlspace might be possible to repair if you’re a determined home repair artists, but sagging outside walls is indicative of severe structural risk. Not only would it be incredibly dangerous to attempt, it’s also stupid, as there’s no way your home or structural insurance will cover you tinkering with so vital a piece of the home’s infrastructure.

So, how do I know what foundation repair I can do?

Firstly, know your foundation type. As we said above, you need to have a crawlspace to even consider DIY. Next, you need to know that the foundation repair in question relates to settlement- if it’s due to anything else, give up immediately and get a professional in. Symptoms of settlement can range from sticking doors and windows to cracks and leaning chimneys. You may also notice bowing in the basement walls, or sag in your floors.

Once you know what’s wrong, you’ll know if it’s a problem you can tackle yourself. If there’s cracking in exterior walls, the chimney is pulling away from the house or there is sticky movement on external doors or windows, get a contractor to do the job. If- and only if- you have a crawlspace, you may be able to tackle issues indicated by interior cracks, sticking room or closet doors etc. These usually indicate a floor joist in between pillars needs shoring up. You will be able to use post jacks to do the job if you understand enough about how they work to use them.

So, should I DIY my foundation repair?

In the end, it boils down to this- external foundation errors should never even be considered as a DIY job. Internal foundation shift might be tackle able by a confident, knowledgeable DIYer

Foundation repairs are vital to the wellbeing of your property- don’t be a fool and mess them up. Click here to see best Foundation repair experts.

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