Foundation Repair Companies – Avoiding the Bad Ones

Foundation Repair Companies - Avoiding the Bad Ones

Foundation repair in Houston is no different to foundation repair in the rest of America. You need a solid, trustworthy contractor who is reliable and will get the job done. Here’s some tips on avoiding the contactors that no one wants to deal with.See the importance of foundation repair at

Finding a reliable foundation repair contractor.

Of course, the initial search is easy Type ‘Houston foundation repair’ into any search engine- bang, you will have a host of options to hand. However, some of those will not be trustworthy companies, and you want to avoid picking a lemon- how can you decide?

Steps to take

Firstly, you may want to conduct the inspection independently. Doing the evaluation separate to the contractors you choose means you will have a party who has no interest in defrauding you addressing the problems- they have no reason not to tell you the plain, sweet truth.

Likewise, you will want to get at least 3 quotes. Even if you have a firm favorite among the firms, that way you can get a sense for what the market average for your job is, and will know to be suspicious of any foundation repair quote that’s too high- and too low. You can ask around sources such as the Better Business Bureau and other independent evaluation services as well as conduct some online research on the companies. Ask around among your friends. Look for reviews online. Get a general sense of how the previous clients of the firm have felt about the service they received. Treat the company- given references with a little caution, but be sure to investigate them too.

Documents you need.

Don’t work off contract for Houston foundation repairs. You’re asking for trouble if you don’t get the legal niceties properly organized and out of the way. Sign a document that will give you some guarantee and some protection. If worst comes to worst, you’ve far better chance of recovering your deposit with a written document in place. Likewise, look for a company that will give you a written guarantee on their work. Make sure you know if it’s transferable and for how long it will remain valid, too. Likewise, be highly suspicious of companies that want upfront payment. A reasonable deposit is no issue- a full payment likely means they can’t afford to do the job and are hoping you’ll take the risk. Don’t do it.

Don’t go with people you care for.

No, that doesn’t mean you should pick the sourest contractor you can find! It’s very tempting, especially if cash is tough, to go with a friend, relative, neighbor or colleague. They’ll spin you a long story about their experience. However, even if the experience is vast and up to date, and even if their work is great, the chances of something going sour in the relationship is high, and you don’t want that. Rather opt for a professional from whom you have distance, and keep it on a professional footing.

Foundation repair in Houston can seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right contractor a huge load will be taken off your mind.

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